It’s finally September, and that means it’s time for a little wrap-up/TBR post from both Alexa and Tiffany!


August Round Up:
A Touch of Gold

August was a crazy month for my family: my oldest babe started first grade, I went back to classes after a brief spring semester hiatus, and my newest babe started crawling (once they’re mobile it’s a whole different ball game).  Oh, and we are finishing up a living room add-on/kitchen renovation on our home. So, yeah, August was sorely lacking in reading time, but I did manage to sneak in three very new—and very different—books: Contagion, a sci-fi/horror mash up, A Touch of Gold, a fantasy retelling of the story of King Midas, and Nine, a story that lacks a distinct category and isn’t getting nearly enough attention.  

This month was a bit innocuous for me with no soaring highs or stunning lows.  Contagion and Gold were both a little ‘meh,’ and, while Nine did deliver much more than the other two, it lacked that feeling of need that I always want in a book (you guys know what I mean, right?).  I’m not going to get in depth now as I am writing full reviews for all three (coming soon, and why there are no star reviews given here!), but I will say that of the three the only book I recommend without caveat is Nine.  Contagion was pretty lackluster for me, but readers who aren’t so die hard sci-fi will probably enjoy it.  Gold delivers exactly what you expect, but the writing is fairly immature and lacks any punch.  

Overall:  nothing horrible, but nothing truly great either.

September TBR:
Not Even Bones
The Lantern’s Ember
Strange Grace

Total transparency: I never—and I mean never—stick to my TBR.  I don’t even bother making one most of the time, but this fall is so chock full of amazing new releases that this is the only way I can even attempt to wrangle the books I’m dying to read.  Four books might be a little ambitious for me right now (school and those dang kids always get in the way), but I have a feeling devouring these goodies won’t be a problem. Highlights of the month for me are Strange Grace (shout out to local author Tessa Gratton!), and, of course, Vengeful.  I don’t care what’s going on, I am going to drop everything to read Ms. Schwab’s newest foray into the murky moral grayness with Victor and Eli. The anticipation for that one is palpable (picture a close up of Dr. Frank-N-Furter’s sparkly red lips saying his most illustrious line for visual).  If this month doesn’t have at least one stunner then I am going to be sorely disappointed.


I somehow managed to read FIVE books this month. *gasp* This isn’t common because work and my son and life in general tend to hold me at about 3-4, generally. The fact that all of them were pretty enjoyable might have helped.

My August 2018 reads, in order, were:

The Cruel Prince by Holly Black
I have feelings about this book. For some reason I love it and, at the same time, dislike every single character. They aren’t just morally grey. They’re horrible people. Yet the plot and the world got in my skin. I can’t tell if it’s a good tingly feeling or an awkward itch just yet.

The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien
I have been wanting to do a re-read of a few books I miss and this was my first.  I hadn’t read The Hobbit in almost a decade and it was absolutely delightful to be back in that world. There is never not a time where I don’t need more hobbits and dwarves.

Dance of Thieves by Mary E. Pearson
I was nervous going in to this one because I haven’t read The Remnant Chronicles, but I came out loving Pearson’s writing and this story. Strongly character driven, this is mostly a tale of two people falling for each other in the most difficult of circumstances. It’s a solid romance-esque tale but without shoving tons of YA romance tropes down your throat.

Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman
I honestly don’t know why I have put off reading this. Gaiman has never let me down. This is fun and easy read of various Norse tales. It’s simplistic in the way it is written but with some of that flair and fun that Gaiman’s work has. Plus, tons of Loki is always a win.

Shadow of the Fox by Julie Kagawa
This might be my favorite read of the year so far. Top three at least. I LOVED this book. I kept reading a little and then putting it down just to savor each chapter. I dragged out all 400 pages for eight days and then it was over and…my heart doesn’t know what to do, to be honest. This is a brilliant adventure with Japanese lore and mythology mixed in seamlessly. The entire world is spectacular and every character is just perfection. I will be gushing about this one for awhile.

September 2018 planned reads are:

The Bird and the Blade
City of Ghosts
The Near Witch
Not Even Bones
Black Wings Beating
The Boneless Mercies


Ok, now it’s your turn: what did everyone think of their August reads, and what are you most looking forward to in September?


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